Co-Packing Program

The goal of our Co-Packing program is to formulate your unique recipe as closely as possible while achieving the same flavor profile, viscosity, mouth-feel and quality as the original product.  

We offer Co-Packing in retail glass and in foodservice containers. Full product development services including formulation, coordination of state "S" numbers, nutrition label development, labeling guidelines, product sourcing and much more are standard practice in-house. Guided by a formidable team of culinary professionals and food scientists, Mad Will's has formulated the essential steps to building a successful brand. 

Private Label Program

Our Private Label Program puts your company name and logo on the products of your choice, resulting in the creation of your own brand. With a unique variety of gourmet products we have the ability to meet each customer's private label needs. You can order any combination of products whenever you need to fill your shelves. There is no better way to differentiate your store from the competition than with your own premium store-branded products. 

Provide us with your own logo, or design one with our in-house graphic designer. With our Private Label program the process is extremely simple for you. Development, packaging, through to certifications, everything is handled in-house to make the path to market as straight forward for our client as possible. 

Our Capabilities

  • Food Service & Retail Sizes
  • Hot & Cold Fill
  • Wet Type Products (i.e. sauces, marinades, mustards, dressings, salsas, etc.)
  • Friendly Minimums
  • Free pH Test & Preliminary Quote
  • Certified Product Development Staff
  • Can Work With:
    • Chef & Restaurant Signature Products
    • Entrepreneur's Secret Recipes
    • Artisan Created Products
    • Grower's Value-Added Products

Food Service Options

Perfect for restaurants, delis, caterers and other food businesses that utilize products in larger containers. 

We can supply your product in a variety of container sizes depending on your needs.

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Food Service

  • Standard HDPE plastic containers for food service needs in sizes: 1/2 gallon, 1 gallon and 5 gallon pails.

  • Foodservice labels are supplied and generally very simple containing the FDA required elements and basic company information, as they are not seen by customers. 

Building Your Brand

Process Outline

Mad Will's Food Company is a small-batch food manufacturing company. We focus on our clients' individual needs. Meaning we tailor our services to each brand.